Increased Server Density:

What if you could reduce your data center footprint by 10-20%? What would that save you each year? Tens of thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands of dollars? Millions?

Our patent-pending racking, cabling, and networking innovations will put more servers in each data center rack, and allow you to do exactly that!

If you have a colocation arrangement, this could drastically decrease the size of your cage. If you own your own data center, our innovations will allow you to delaying construction of your next facility. You can bring in more cooling and power to your existing facilities and getting more out of your existing investment in the structure and the fiber that you’ve run to the building.

Contact us today, at the email address displayed at the end of our videos, if you’re interested in licensing our patent-pending innovations and disrupting the data center industry

Cooling The Rack:

There are some in the data center industry that think that we’ve hit the limits of our ability to cool a rack, and therefore it’s futile to increase densities beyond what is already being achieved

That is an understandable point of view, but but the truth is that there are a host of new cooling technologies in the pipeline that will soon make it possible to cool significantly higher rack densities

The advanced cooling industry is currently very fragmented as various providers fight for market share and to increase the adoption of advanced cooling methods, but at we believe this just makes our innovations all the more attractive.

The winners of the advanced cooling battle will be the firms that provide the best value proposition which allow data center operators to cool more boxes with less overall cost. Changing the physical configuration of the hardware to allow for more servers in the same space just makes advanced cooling solutions more appealing. We believe that our innovations could very well be a key advantage for any firm trying to lock up the advanced cooling market.

Horizontal Cabling (To Scale):

There is a lot to like about our videos, but one of the things that we were never really satisfied with when it comes to our second video is that it doesn’t maintain a consistent size and spacing between the servers as it illustrates the different racking solutions.

Here is a graphic showing exactly that:

(In the above image, the yellow boxes represent the individual logical computing units.)